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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  July 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> an act of kindness met with an act of violence. an oakland man who helps the violence is dead after he and his family were shot during a drive-by shooting will. >> tonight his grief stricken wife is expressing her outrage while the community is still searching for some answers. we bring in jodi hernandez who joins us from oakland. this is a story that is so emotional and it has captured the attention of so many people. >> it really is very tragic. we got a chance to sit down with lolita powell this afternoon. she just open her heart to us. she says she keeps playing this scene from that night in her head. over and over again. she says her husband couldn't wait to share his new fish recipe with the homeless folks of east oakland. rang out, he was only thinking of ways he could make a difference. >> oh, god.
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it doesn't seem real. i lost my best friend. it just doesn't seem real. >> reporter: lolita powell in s in absolute shock after her husband, 29-year-old paris powell was shot and killed late tuesday night as the couple and their two small children delivered hot meals to the homeless. >> the last two and a half years now, five nights a week we cook and deliver hot meals to the homeless. and this night was no different except that my husband had created a new fish batter for the fish and he was excited to go deliver it. >> reporter: but that night would end very differently as they made their third stop of the night. a van pulled up next to them and started firing. >> we look over and all i remember is seeing or hearing the door slide back and four gunshots went off. and when i opened my eyes, when i saw all the blood on the
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windows. >> reporter: powell who is three months pregnant, keeps reliving the night. she has no idea who would want to harm a man whose life mission was to help. >> because we always look from the aspect, it could be us. what if this was us? what if one day we're in the same situation? you know, like i said no, one who wakes up and says hey, i want to be homeless. no one. >> reporter: lolita powell believes until the end, her husband was thinking of how he could help. >> my husband was looking like not who was this that pulled up next to us with an attitude, like they might need help. do you want fish? i know my husband. that's what he was thinking. he didn't expect that. >> reporter: lolita powell also got hit 20 gun fire. a bullet remain in her arm tonight. and a bullet pierced through 3-year-old shala's arm and grazed her head. the family wants to know why. >> it is not fair that he took a great person. he is still out there somewhere. that i might even run into him
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and not even know that he murdered my husband for no reason. whoever he is, it is not fair. i almost lost my daughter, you know. we all almost lost our lives. it is not fair. >> reporter: now lolita powell and her own grief is still thinking of how she can help others. she is trying to figure out how she can continue her husband's ministry. a ministry she says her husband gave his life for. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. to the mystery in the upscale town of los gatos. two bodies were found at a home last night. neighbors believe it might have been a murder-suicide. a neighbor discovered the bodies of a man and his son. the son's mother had contacted her asking to see if the son was okay because she hadn't heard from him in a while. the young man's parents were recently separated. >> i'm so surprised because this is a quiet street. nothing happens here. and more so, just that i know
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them. my son has played at their house. >> the son was about 21 years old. he was in remission from leukemia and had just returned from a trip from europe. the identities of the two men have not been released. sfpd has recovered the gun in that controversial officer-involved shooting in the bay view district. police shot kenneth harding during a foot pursuit. but investigator say ballistic tests showed the bullet came from his own gun. that gun disappeared over the crime scene. over the week a neighbor led them to the pistol. today it was confirm it is harding's gun. the investigation into what led to the shooting is ongoing. facing a third strike. the woman accused of breaking into alex trebek's san francisco hotel room will have to wait for her day in court. lucinda was scheduled to be in court today. she is charged with one count of
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burglary and one charge of receiving stolen property. her hearing was scheduled so that prosecutors could review her case to figure out whether this is her third strike. police arrested her wednesday morning at the marriott marquis after someone broke into a guest room. it wasn't just any guest but game show host alex trebek. the 71-year-old tried to catch the suspect but he fell and tore his achilles' tendon. trebek is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. to some, it might sound strange. to others it makes perfect sense. bar tenders getting basic training. not for mixing drinks but for counseling mill veterans. we bring in nbc bay area's trayi grant to explain this new study that suggests some unique training for bartenders. >> reporter: their work pouring drinks and working in a water hole actually make them sounding boards for customers. and in bars that are geared
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toward veterans, these bartenders could quite possibly be the best ones to push veterans in the right direction to get help. steve randal is familiar with the way many veterans ignore their feelings. not only because he used to be a psychologist but because he also served in the air force from 1966 to 1972. 60-year-old randall comes to the downtown oakland senior center several time a week. the center house as veterans of foreign wars post as well as an american legion office. in many locations across the country a par is attached to the vfw or the american legion and it can become a second home for veterans. it is a place where the stars that usually remain invisible can be displayed and the people who pour the drinks see and hear it all. >> a lot of them are like
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somebody's counsellor. the people who go there regularly. >> reporter: that's why an ohio state professor says they are in a perfect position to then veterans. the results of a pilot study suppose bartenders could be trained to use their close relationships with these veterans to help identify the ones in crisis and guide them toward the best resources available to them. randall based on his experience as a psychologist, pengds a variety of things from post-traumatic stress disorder to medical ailments could be identified from talking to the vets. go? bartenders can learn from some very basic training. >> yes. it does make sense. i think all you need is somebody who cares about other people. given that, if they had some kind of training about specific places that could you refer people to, and what kinds of things you might recognize as a need. >> reporter: now, the author of the study says he has already approached the vfw and some v.a.
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hospitals about preparing a brief online training video for bartenders. live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. an uneasy sight for neighbors this morning in san bruno as pge began digging into the blast zone. they ordered the excavation as part of the explosion last september. the blast and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. people living near the pipeline got a sprays phone call last night, alerting them to the work that would start this morning they want big aer inspection of the gas line. some residents say damage to the streets and sidewalks are such a grim reminder of that deadly blast. and they want it all finished and repaired. >> i think if the streets were repaired, it probably wouldn't be the same reminder. but i think from a construction perspective, it needs to be done. >> almost a year later, there is still a 72-foot long, 26-foot wide crater open for investigators to have access to
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it. the digging is expected to be over, though, by the end of the weekend. this was not the flight they were expecting. some tense moments aboard a plane from miami to san francisco. witnesses say two brothers attacked the pilot and the flight crew. they were then tackled buy passenger. it happened while the plane was still at the gate in miami. american airlines said the flight crew was escorting one of the unruly passenger off the blaen a second passenger stepped in. the passenger alleged his brother wasn't drunk or on drug but on medication. then witnesses say the second passenger attacked the pilot. >> the guy that was ill walk right up to the captain and he went, bam, and he just slapped him really hard. the captain was stunned. so was everybody on the plane. >> american airlines says both men then attacked the pilot again in the walkway from the plane back to the gate. the plane eventually landed at
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sfo at 2:00 this morning without the two brothers. >> quick thinking by a san jose man saved the lives of a father and his little girl, both unconscious at the bottom of a swimming pool. it all happened at the regency park house just before 9:00 last night. friends say the father was in the pool playing with his 6-year-old daughter on his shoulders when suddenly, moments later, friends heard nothing coming from the pool and noticed two bodies at the bottom of the deep end. that's when neighbors jumped into action. pulling the two out of the water. then a nearby resident performed cpr and revived both before paramedics arrived. >> the guy, his eyes were kind of rolled up. he was breathing but he was breathing with difficulty. that's when we called 911. >> firefighters say that resident who performed cpr saved their lives. now there is still no word why the father and daughter went under. friends say he can swim but that
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he is not a strong swimmer. tonight neighbors at the complex are holding a meeting to talk about training others in life saving cpr in that complex. we'll have a full report for you. the biggest member of the giants has arrived. in fact, they're already booing him in philadelphia but they're cheering him in the bay area. the debut. carlos beltran. he is a six-time all-star outfielder. let's bring in jim from our newsroom. the giants really sending a message to the rest of baseball, aren't they? >> well, you are absolutely right. whenture defending world champions, you don't get to rest on your past performance. the giants added to their offensive punch by acquiring the outfielder carlos beltran from the mets. the identify-time all-star hitting .288. it is his postseason production the g-men want. in two postseasons, beltran hit .366 with 11 home runs in just 22 games. >> i feel this year i'm healthy. i'm just looking forward to be a
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contributor to the lineup they already have. i'm looking forward to go out there and do the best i can to help this team continue to win ballgames offensively and defensively. >> later in sports we'll let you see just how carlos beltran did in his first day in a giants uniform. the giants and phillies playing in philly. they're in the seventh. the g-men lead it 4-0. we'll have more later in sports. back to you. >> thank you. are you ready to go with carlos beltran? >> i'm ready to go. still ahead, 140 characters can spell a lot of trouble. a tweet from a deejay sparq riot at one of california's most well known theaters. >> and how the debt ceiling debacle is affecting air travel and airport construction. the story coming up. and online reservations for the hospital. a new way to check into bay area emergency rooms.
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>> reporter: good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri live at the gilroy garlic festival where all things garlic is getting going. the volunteers are out here getting ready. how are you all doing? oh, yes. for this charity event that has raised millions of dollars. the se the ven-day foserecast coming up. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital -- montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you.
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with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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the debt ceiling showdown between republicans and the white house continue to intensify in washington. >> today there has been another setback. a move by john bainer to vote and pass a debt ceiling plan was suddenly delayed. insiders say it was due to a lack of republican votes. meanwhile democrats are denying any republican measure to raise the limit. quote, they are ready to defeat the boehner plan whenever house
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republicans can get their act together. end quote. bothvised working to neat august 2 deadline. >> the lawmaker had a new threat on their hands today. now who chimed in today to get lawmaker to get their act together before really the fear is that many people will lose their jobs. >> the debt debacle is affecting the aviation administration. it is partially shut down after congress failed to approve a routine funding measure last week. not because congress doesn't want to. it just hasn't had the time. secretary ray lahood was trying to push congress to make it a priority. he said the lack of funding has forsd 70,000 construction workers across the country to stop working. that includes work on the new air traffic control tower at oakland international airport. and 4,000 faa workers have also been furloughed. >> for all of my friends on capitol hill who give speeches every day about jobs, the importance of job, putting people to work, this is not the
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time to be laying off 70,000 construction workers. >> the government also is losing $200 million a week in taxes on airline ticket sales. most airlines have raised their ticket prices to make up for the missing taxes and pocketing the difference. that has passengers crying foul. as for air travel, secretary lahood says air traffic controllers are not affected by this partial shutdown and the skies are safe to fly. in the newsroom, bay area news. big a spillover issue. how are the markets reacting in the u.s. and overseas? it was a calmer day on wall street as investors decided to wait and see what happens with this debt stand-off in washington. a small loss for the dow today and a small gain for the nasdaq. more californians are in favor of offshore oil drilling than building nuclear power plants. the null of californians who support offshore drilling is up
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about 12% come fired last year with 46% in favor of the practice. 49% are opposed to drilling all together. 65% of those surveyed now propose building more plants. the new number reflect a 14 point drop from a year ago. the lowest level of support for in-state nuclear power in about ten years. many experts say fukushima nuclear disaster continued to the declining of support. >> supporters of a circumcision ban in san francisco are considering an appeal after a judge snipped the controversial measure from the city's november ballot. demonstrators on both sides waited outside the courthouse. the judge issued the final ruling. the judge deciding the ballot measure violates an existing california law that makes regulating medical procedures the responsibility of the state and not a city. >> circumcision has been practiced by the jewish community for nearly 4,000 years. it is a very important and integral component of our faith
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tradition. we didn't want to see mr. schofield legislate away our religious tradition. >> everybody has freedom and expression, especially the person who is undergoing this surgery. they can choose to have this surgery when they're older and know what they're doing. >> if the judge had allowed the measure to go on the ballot, san francisco would have been the first city in the nation to vote on circumcision. how about this one? you can go online to avoid long line at movies, restaurants, even at the dmv. now you can go online to reserve a spot in the e.r. when you want to visit a bay area hospital. uc san francisco, the medical center there has been offering the new online service for about a month now. it is design for those with minor medical problems that are not life threatening. you just explain your problem, pay about $5 and pick an available time slot. >> it will tell the patient the next available time slot is an hour from now or two hours from now. and they actually select it.
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there are various different time slots and they can choose what works best for them. >> one of the best parts, you get to wait at home instead of the crowded e.r. waiting room filled with a lot of sick peel. so far 95 people have used it and all about two were seen within about 15 minutes of their assigned time. the number online appointments offer every day change based on the number of people coming into the emergency room. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. you you missed the excitement because we had a power outage in san jose. it affected about 60 people and affected the traffic lights but it really affected us here. no lights in the studio. no lights in the whole building. we had to put our make-up on in the dark. >> that was the key line. >> reporter: unbelievable! thought garlic here just sucked the energy out of the south bay. we're talking about the gilroy garlic festival. my senses are overloaded.
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we're right in the middle of it. while the garlic festival is not happening tonight, it starts tomorrow, all the volunteers, over 4,000 of them that make up the gilroy garlic field around here, getting ready. even my reporter notebook is in fall fashion. a garlic paper weight. the man over here, bob, you work on gourmet alley. you're one of the chefs out here. people come out here for the food and the garlic. what is something they miss? >> you can't miss the cal marchy and the scampi. the number one hit killer. what everyone comes for, the calmarry. 33 years my dad and i started the booth and it became eventually gourmet alley. >> i started cooke recently using a little garlic here and there. you can get a little bit afraid of but it is something that people should give a try? >> don't ever be afraid of garlic. garlic loves company. remember that. garlic loves company. >> despite the bad breath and
6:22 pm
all the other things. if you're cooke together, who cares? >> we'll do the traditional callamari. he has some hot oil going. >> we're going to put the shrimp, the calamari in here. >> oh, my gosh. that is a couple hundred degrees flaming pup stir fried. that looks good, bob. now you're adding the spices, right? >> yep. we're doing a squeeze of lemon. some white wine. >> where's the garlic? >> that's what we're missing, believe it or not. the reason why is we're doing it on the light side for you. we want you to come back tomorrow. we don't want you to leave. >> perfect. he will finish cooking this up and we'll get some garlic and add it to the dish. let's look at our weather graphics. it is hot in this kitchen but not quite as hot as we head through the next couple days.
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we'll find the fog here pushing in again the coastline. they're working on getting that garlic. we'll see temperatures that will be in the 80s and also the 90s as we head into tomorrow. it will be real hot into the south bay. we'll find temperatures in the 50s and we'll see thing warm up by 11:00 a.m. into the 70s and also the low 80s. so many people want to taste this garlic. saturday and sunday, the parking is free. the admission does range up to $17, it all goes to support charity. that's what a lot of people don't know. this three-day event will go to help support charity. as we look at our seven-day forecast, it will get hot here over the next couple days inland with 70s out of the coastline. and bob, i have to say you're doing a great job here.
6:24 pm
watch out for my yellow shirt spasm getty sau. spaghetti sauce on a yellow shirt. >> it tastes good though. >> i'm going to get behind this and do a little cooking. >> oh, my, don't go there. >> get the fire suit. >> reporter: see you in a little bit. >> i don't even have to say the. you know what to do. >> bring back food. >> i ke'news. that was>> repor coming. >> from the gilroy garlic festival.
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>> we have been in the planning stages and we are prepared for that tonight. >> reporter: as for last night, they are looking for more suspect by revealing surveillance videos taken from the many surveillance cameras. >> lead gaga. bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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where has the money gone? over the last few years there has been a lot of growth in the bay area. a new report says the infrastructure that rerely on every today from roads to sewers aren't making the grade. >> think it doesn't affect you? well, this is why you're paying the price every single day. >> reporter: through all his motorcycle travel across the country, george carter has seen his share of roads. >> i lived in montana. we had a joke there. nine months of winter, three months of construction. >> reporter: though he doesn't
6:31 pm
rate bay area roads quite as row, there are still plenty of bumps. >> going over van ness through polk, there are always like steel grades, they're tearing the road up for something. >> reporter: a new report is giving its own grades to roads and infrastructure. it is anything but smooth sailing. >> five sections of roadway in the bay area top in the top 20 worst urban roadways. >> reporter: the report card released today by the american society of civil engineers detailed what many already suspect. the bay area's bone are old and in need of a fix. >> the infrastructure is important to all of us. and we want it to function so that when we need it, our expectation is that it will work. >> reporter: the group gave a d plus to the bay area roadways. it gave low score to systems for freight and cargo hauling. the bay area's bridges got a passing grade. >> a lot of bridges you drive over, you don't see. they're small. they've been there a long time.
6:32 pm
and how long is long enough. >> reporter: the report gave a low score to bay area storm water and sewage system. david lewis at the group save the bay wasn't surprised. >> you can imagine the impacts of 100 years of earthquakes, settling, tree roots, so these pipes are actually crumbling beneath our feet. >> reporter: the engineer say it would take an invest many up to $2.8 billion a year to get everything up to snuff. >> just because we don't have the money, should we just be quiet and say we don't need this? >> reporter: the group issued its last report in 2005. it found in six years, little had changed. this time though, they're hoping leaders in the public won't sleep through the wake-up call. nbc bay area news. the grim work of recovering bodies of the utoya massacre in norway has ended. they found the last camper in the bottom of the lake with a gunshot to her back. the question is why it took
6:33 pm
police more than an hour to get to the island after the shooting started on friday. government is calling for an investigation. off the list tonight, police response. >> i don't think we have any chance to be there any faster than we made it. >> police say they couldn't find a helicopter. it took them 30 minutes to drive to the area of the island and then couldn't get a boat to cross over to it. once they did find a boat, they say they had to bail water all the way. now once they located suspect anders breivik, he surrendered without issue. but not before 68 campers had been shot. a total of 76 people died in the attack in oslo and that yue camp. in the aftermath of the japanese hurricane and tsunami, a bay area woman is going back to japan. they left from sfo just today. we're talking about cannon purdy. we first brought you her story in march when her family in san
6:34 pm
jose reached out to us and the "today" show's anne curry to help find her. she arrived in japan hours before the massive earthquake. eventually she was found safely. now nearly five months later, she is returning to help recovery efforts. >> i'm hoping to see everyone i didn't get to see the first time and make sure that everyone is doing all right. and sort of see every one in a more positive note. >> and she is very positive. we chatted with her last night. she will be in japan for five weeks. she'll be sending us video update that you'll see only on nbc bay area. as our days get warmer in the summer, it is something you have to keep in mind. a horrible tragedy that you can prevent. last year, 49 children died nationwide because they were left alone in hot cars. scott budman has some ways to remember your most precious passenger. >> reporter: in one hour, the temperature inside the car jumped more than 30 degrees.
6:35 pm
if a child was trapped inside, it would be disastrous. so the chp, along with san francisco state researcher jan, have been working on ways to keep people aware of precious cargo in the back seat. >> the scope of people that we have seen that this has happened to goes all the way across the socioeconomic spectrum. from doctors and lawyers and dentists and attorneys, down to people that who have are unemployed and going looking for work, leaving a child in the car while they're at the job employment office. >> take some of the stuff that you need for work and put it in the back seat of the vehicle. maybe on the floor board. and then when you retrieve your stuff, oh, my kid is still here. >> reporter: here's another way. the viz kid. two pounds of polyjury thain that could be worth its weight in gold for drivers and people walk by. >> it is a driver reminder as well as a community device to
6:36 pm
create awareness. everybody driving and walking within a certain distance of the vehicle says, wow, there really is somebody in the back seat. if there is no driver, i'd better take a quick look. >> reporter: there are laws against leaving kid alone inside a car but sometimes the law alone isn't enough to remember what is really important. if you're interested in getting a viz kid for your car, it is simple. about $16. in redwood city, scott budman, nbc bay area news. thank you. coyotes and people have been uneasy for decades but the problem has become deadly. in the town of laguna woods, the city security council holding an emergency meeting, voting on whether to change its gun laws to allow exterminators to shoot coyotes. currently the law says within city limits, guns may be used only by police nor self-defense. a coyote attack on tuesday prompted this proposal. a yorkshire terrier was snatched while its owner was walk on it a
6:37 pm
leash. the woman was dragged suffering minor injuries. >> i think we need to remove them from the time being from our city. and disrupt their normal habitat so they don't come back for a while. i think that is necessary. >> city officials say they've set traps and tranquillizer guns and even paint ball guns but the coyotes have become too aggressive. coming up, a story that a best friend can appreciate. you'll meet the southern california dog who keeps making his way back to his owner's side even after her death. and at 27 years old, amy winehouse was at the height of her career. coming up next, plans to release her never before heard music. >> reporter: and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri live in gilroy. the sun is out. do you smell that? the smell of garlic is in the air. yes! the gilroyar underways underway tomorrow.
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we'll be cooke some stuff up in the kitchen. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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the question now is, will you ever get to hear the music of amy winehouse? she had been in the studio for the past two years on and off working on some music. sources from her record label say there is a framework for about 12 songs. they would certainly be an appetite for some music from her. it is estimated sales have soared 2,000% since she was found dead in her london home on saturday. let's bring back our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i think the first time i was at the gilroy garlic festival, 1981, and my breath still mass
6:41 pm
garlicky scent to it. >> reporter: yeah. they've got you covered this year. it may help your past problem out. scope will be out here passing out some samples. we're right here in the heart of all the action in gourmet alley. and yes, it is true. look at this. this giant pan and me, yes, an odd combination. i'm going to be cooking in a couple minutes. we'll turn up if heat, turn up the fire. and major change for the u.s. soccer team of plus the a's outburst achieves record setting status. igithe cants dould e find out if the giants could do the same. th
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
true in life and in death. proof that a dog's love can really be eternal. >> a central coast woman passed away. soon after, her dog kirby ran away from his new owner and ran back to his old owner at her gravesite. >> there is no other way to explain it really. you just, he is just sad and lonely and misses his mom. >> reporter: kirby's mom was dave wells' grandmother. she inherited the dog from her
6:44 pm
daughter susan who passed away just two week after bringing him home in 2003. >> it was pretty much meant to be, really. she lost both her kids. my dad and my aunt. so that's why kirby was so special. >> reporter: sharon spoiled her dogs one limited amounts of love and affection. often spending hours with them in her favorite blue chair.ç they were right by her side when she passed away in april. >> she has had them since he was a little puppy. so it has to be pretty hard on him. >> reporter: since then, kirby has been moved from home to home, often being passed along because of his ability to escape. >> we were just getting ready for lunch. he was around here and he ran down the hill and ran right up to us. >> reporter: last week, matthew became the latest person to find kirby wandering around town. >> come up here. oh! kirby! >> reporter: his aunt peggy happened to be walking by and took it upon herself to have kirby's microchip checked. >> they scanned him and they gave me the name of sharon
6:45 pm
rattery who i had known years ago through church. it was kind of disbelief. i was in shock. >> i've never seen a pet come up to visit a grave. >> reporter: it turn out kirby wandered several miles from home to the exact place where sharnl and her daughter susan are buried side by side. the very site kirby stood when both women were laid to rest. >> everybody feels pain all the way down to our pets. >> all kinds of tang today, huh? >> reporter: dave and his family know they can't give kir by the lifestyle he's use to snex hasn't been himself since my grandma died. >> reporter: now the search is on for someone who can. someone not looking to replace what kirby had but to give him a new place to call home. >> i think he knows. i really do. he has got to. >> he definitely knows. >> as you heard, kirby is looking for a new home. he needs someone who can give
6:46 pm
him the kind of love that he was accustomed to. jeff ranieri has a new home at the gilroy garlic festival. he's been cooking, dicing, all source of stuff. >> you don't have your apron on yet. >> we're scared to toss out to you now. >> reporter: i figured, why have the apron? i've been stirring sauce. i'm about to do some flambee? some callamari. who cares at this point? we've got this huge cast iron pan. we have this heating up. we'll just toss this in. oh! now we're heating this up. >> did you a great job. >> i like that. >> what are we adding? a little garlic. how i am a doing back in the studio? >> fantastic. so far no one is on fire so it is great.
6:47 pm
of course some extra garlic. see my third arm there adding all these ingredients? >> a little oregano. >> a master chef. >> i can come down here and do this. >> i think you can. you're ready. >> are you going to cook eight hours? >> probably not. i only two do minutes at a time on the green screen. >> put your sauce in. >> a little sauce. what is this called again? >> this is calamari. >> where can people get this? >> right here at the gilroy garlic festival. >> time to go to the weather maps. let's look at what we can expect. we're looking at the fog up against the coastline. and temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. i have to step out of that heat. that is hot. they told me that by the end of the festival, the three-day festival, some of them don't have too much hair left on their arms. unbelievable. so high pressure building here
6:48 pm
from the southwest. it will be hot here inland for the east and the south bay with temperatures. that will be popping up into the 80s and low to mid 90s. and as we head throughout tonight, we'll look at conditions in the 50s. for tomorrow, well, down here into gilroy. we're looking at some 80s and always mix of 70s and 80 for our bayside communities and some 90s into the east bay. it is called the gilroy garlic festival. it is happening this friday, saturday and sunday. and gourmet alley is hot. it will be just as hot as what you saw on tv. and not only will they have garlic but they'll have ten tons of beef. four tons of pasta. four ton of calamari and two tons of scampi. and they have raised order $8.5 in charity. on your seven-day forecast, thls weekend, the berkeley kite festival. we were throughout this week. that will be happening saturday and sunday so you can come on out. either there or here to the gilroy garlic festival where the
6:49 pm
temperatures will be in the 90s. it looks good. we'll let that cool off for a second, steve. i do want to try that. but raj and jessica, we got you some gifts here. ra jc raj, i think you're a tie dye guy. and then jess, i have to be careful with this flame here. yours says, i like it, i love it, i want some more of it. >> it's my motto! it's perfect. >> reporter: we'll try a piece of this. >> how is it? >> reporter: so good. >> iron chef all the way, baby. >> isn't that wonder tfl? >> reporter: it is amazing. we'll send it back to you. >> and you're going to eat. >> reporter: yes. >> thank you, jeff. >> jeff ranieri from the gilroy garlic festival. if he keeps hanging out near that flame, he'll be as dark as i am.
6:50 pm
>> jim joins us from our newsroom. how is it going? >> it is going very well. first i always wondered what the secret ingredient was in that calamari. >> did you write it down? >> it is lightly singed arm hair. that's what people are saying about the trade. the defending champs. they're in first place in the national league west. 16 game over .500 and the offense just got better. the g-men acquired carlos beltran and he can't wait to get to at&t park. >> i think it is a different ballpark than any ballpark in the big leagues. the ball carries as much as in other places. but i'm not thinking about that. i just going to go there and like i say, you know, try to have quality at-bats. if i can have quality at-bats and get on base, and do the job,
6:51 pm
i think everything will take care of itself. >> so it is out of the field. the giants and phillies, maybe a playoff preview. carlos beltran, his debut with the giants. in his first plate appearance, a ground ball right side. a race to the bag. didn't beat it out. 0-1 to start things. top of the second, no score. then pablo sandoval leads off with a solo shot. opposite field job. first giant in double figure home runs. bottom half of the fifth. beltran going to flash a little leather at you. jimmy rollins and gets robbed. he replace the divet. they're in the ninth inning in philly. the rays and a's. green and gold going for a sweep. tampa baifl a's, they lead by five after one. the rays storm back with the bases loaded, desmond jennings
6:52 pm
with the single. 6-5 tampa. later in the seventh, tampa up 8-5. evan longoria with the emphasis on long. a solo home run. that was off brian fuentes. 9-5 rays. top of the eighth, 9-6 tampa and b.j. upton changes it. this is a tape measure job. his 16th of the year. tampa wins 10-8. here's more. >> reporter: the oakland a's got off to a perfect start they scored five runs in the first inning. the team hit for the cycle in sequence. but it is the seven runs, seventh inning. the a's would like to forget. >> as a whole, they've been a really solid unit this year. for to it unravel and to give away a lead like that is tough no matter how many guys it was that took part in it. so it is just, our offense, they're hitting the ball like
6:53 pm
crazy right now. and we have to do bear job. >> the good news for the oakland a's, the guys are looking very good in the batter's box. the green and gold have scored 34 runs in the last four games. tomorrow is fire work night. let's hope the fire work begin early. reporting from the oakland coliseum. nbc bay area. >> thank you, henry. the nfl is back and the niners made some news today, releasing nate clements in four years. he had ten interceptions in 54 games. the move saves the red and gold $15 million in cap space. a year ago, the u.s. men's soccer program extended the contract of coach bob bradley after a thrilling ruchbt world cup in which he took u.s. national team during the round of 16. today, bob bradley was fired after five years and a recent disappointing blowout loss to mexico and the gold cup final. his biggest achievement was beating world cup power spain in 2009 in the confederation cup. the u.s. finished second in that
6:54 pm
tournament. their best finish ever in an international tournament. one final football note. the niners signed kicker david akers. more at 11:00. back to you. >> thank you very much. remember, the calamari in the newsroom in a couple hour. for a full half-hour of sports coveragehe, wax tonight atwa30.
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
coming up at 11:00, a $2 billion state project gets caught up in its own red tape. critics say it doesn't work now and never will. the lawmakers say they're ready to walk away from it all. tonight we blow the lid on tax dollar disasters. tonight at 11:00 right after "law and order." >> the well dressed brett cannon is with us for our hour long newscast. >> we'll take a much closer look at this debt ceiling thing. exactly what does it mean to each of us? when you their wrangling in washington, d.c., what it will cost people like you and i out of our pockets. and what are the various ways that we could end up paying for it. we'll take a look at leisure diving and flag dancing. >> leisure diving? >> we have a variety of thing. >> those two thing aren't together, are they? >> they are not. they could be eventually. i don't know. we'll see. >> see you at 7:00. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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